Michael Markowsky

dynamic visual artist

Current/Future Shows:
CAMAC, Marnay, France
(August, 2014)


(pronounced; mär-cow-ski)
b. 1977, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Michael Markowsky is a visual artist and writer who lives primarily in Vancouver.
For the past 13 years he has made semi-abstract artwork inspired by the landscape. Typically he makes drawings and paintings while riding inside or on top of moving cars, buses, boats, trains and airplanes.

Recently, Markowsky was named one of Canada's official new 'war artists' by the Department of Defense in Ottawa. He traveled to CFS Alert (near the North Pole) with the Royal Canadian Air Force in April 2012 to document the landscape and Canada's military operations. He became the first professional, civilian painter to travel to the High North. He follows in the footsteps of a legendary list of Canadian painters who have also participated in the Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP) in the past, such as Group of Seven members; A.Y Jackson, Arthur Lismer, Frederick Varley and Lawren Harris, as well as David Milne, Charles Comfort and Alexander Colville.

Markowsky was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, where he graduated with honors from the Alberta College of Art. Michael also studied at Cooper Union (New York City) and the Royal College of Art (London, UK), and Art Center (Los Angeles) where he obtained his Master of Fine Arts Degree in 2002. His artwork has been exhibited alongside artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Ed Ruscha (twice) and William S. Burroughs. He has exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal, Vancouver and even Baghdad, Iraq!

Markowsky’s artwork is often featured on television and in print media, including the CBC, CTV, NBC, CityTV, ShawTV, GlobalTV, Calgary Herald, Globe and Mail, FFWD Magazine, Beatroute Magazine, Pasadena Star-News, Pasadena Weekly, ArtUS Magazine, etc.

Resume/ CV

Michael with Jeff Koons, Los Angeles 2009

Michael Markowsky with Attila Richard Lukacs, Vancouver 2013

Stephen Prina, Mike Kelley, Michael Markowsky and Ivan Morley, 2005

Artist's Statement

“My purpose in life is to inspire others. I encourage people to follow their dreams, and I believe that in this respect my role as an artist is to lead by example. I indulge my imagination and allow myself to pursue every whim and opportunity.

For instance, my primary career goal is to stand on the surface of the moon and to make a painting. I plan on accomplishing this feat by January 1st, 2030. While I am serious about this ambition, I also recognize that it may seem absurd to many people. Nevertheless, I hope to empower others with the courage to express aloud their own aspirations, which of course is the first step toward realization. I am deeply saddened by stories of people who live their whole lives without taking action toward their dreams.

The majority of my time is spent painting semi-abstract paintings of the landscape, though I’ve begun to paint figures as well. Typical characteristics of my paintings are bright, exuberant colors, serpentine lines, energetic brush strokes, and patches of exposed canvas. I am preoccupied with capturing feelings of movement and speed.

Also, as a teacher and lover of art, I feel a responsibility to promote the power, value and relevance of visual art to mainstream culture. I often embrace projects that involve interacting with the public and I take every opportunity to engage the media in order to stimulate discussion outside of the art world context.”

– Vancouver, B.C. (November, 2012)


Press Kit


Design & Illustration

•Posters Music Album artwork (CD and Vinyl)
•Logo Design
•Children's Books
•Greeting Cards
•Personalized Stationery

Art Rentals, Consulting and Licensing

•Art Rentals for Film
•Private Art Rentals for Events and Homes
•Corporate Art Consulting
•Licensing opportunities
   °Advertisement backgrounds
   °Annual Reports
   °Calendars and Cookbooks
   °Cell phone skins
   °Fabric designs and patterns
   °Giclee prints (Hotels, etc.)
   °Jigsaw Puzzles
   °Stained Glass

Public Speaking

•TED Talk (North Pole project)
•Motivational Speaking
•Artist Lectures

Custom Audio/Visual Performances

•Live Video Mixing and Projections
•Live Portrait Painting
•Lighting Design for Concerts

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